The Adventure of a Lifetime

Africa – home to the most beautiful landscapes in the world, boasting abundant wildlife and diverse cultures. An ideal destination for your next adventure, whether as a family vacation, a honeymoon, a Bar- or Bat-Mitzvah trip, or an extreme sports experience.

Safari Company will plan your adventure down to the last detail, help you fulfill your dreams and allow you to build memories to be cherished for many years to come.

About Safari Company

Safari Company, founded by Ronit Hershkovitz more than 20 years ago, has acquired vast experience in customizing trips to numerous destinations throughout the African continent. Over the years, Ronit and her team have tailored unforgettable getaways for thousands, building on their intimate familiarity with the most exquisite areas and unique sites. When we recommend a specific walking tour, it is because we have walked the same trail before. When we recommend a lodge with a bathtub overlooking the magnificent scenery, it is based on our own personal familiarity with that particular experience. When we recommend breathtaking observation points, it is because they have taken our breath away.

The adventures we plan include traditional safaris, sailing safaris and "Glamping" – five-star camping. Our hand-picked guides will lead you through magical days, ending at a variety of carefully selected accommodations – mobile camps, tented camps, farm houses and luxury lodges. With us, you will also enjoy world-renowned wonders such as majestic Victoria Falls, visit local tribes, relax on sun-swept, white sand beaches, and much, much more.

We at Safari Company are forever on the lookout for new exceptional sites and exciting activities, to offer our clients an increasing range of unique experiences. Furthermore, we visit our local suppliers regularly to ensure that they continue to maintain our high standards of quality and service.


Safari Company organizes tailored trips to the following countries:

Tanzania – The ideal destination for a classic safari in 4 wheel drive jeeps, through numerous national parks. These include the legendary Serengeti, famous also for its great migration; and Ngorongoro conservation area, with its 16 km wide volcanic crater and plentiful wildlife, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Center.

Zanzibar – An exotic tropical island renowned for its spices, breathtaking beaches and turquoise waters. A short flight from Tanzania, it is highly recommended for a relaxing vacation, in combination with a safari or on its own.

Zambia – Wild and exciting, the perfect destination for ‘graduates’ of classic safaris. Boat safaris on the Zambezi River can be combined with a visit to magnificent Victoria Falls and to the neighboring town of Livingstone, with its rich Jewish heritage. Zambia also offers superb sites for extreme sports: bungee jumping, as well as microlight and helicopter flights.

Zimbabwe – Shares Victoria Falls with Zambia. Hwange, the country’s largest national park, covers an area of approximately 14,650 square kilometers.

Botswana – Boat safari on the Chobe River and in the Okavango Delta – known as Africa’s last Eden and a UNESCO World Heritage Center, boasting a large elephant population. Recommended as a safari destination for ‘graduates’ of classic safaris, on its own or in combination with sites in Zambia, Zimbabwe and/or South Africa.

Uganda – Famous for its green landscape, multiple nature reserves and friendly people. Perhaps most well-known for its endangered mountain gorillas.

Rwanda – Recommended in combination with a trip to Uganda. Treks to view endangered mountain gorillas are a favorite activity in this country as well.

Madagascar – The vanilla island, also known as the land of the lemurs, with its green landscape and long beaches, exquisite French cuisine and colorful culture.

Mozambique – One of the best diving sites in Africa, with clear turquoise waters and white sand beaches. An ideal vacation site with its luxurious lodges, whether in combination with a safari destination or on its own.

Namibia – World-famous for its red dunes and nomadic tribes, such as the Himba – the “red people” of northern Namibia, who paint themselves daily with red clay. Recommended activities include four wheel drive safaris to enjoy its abundant wildlife.

South Africa – Safaris in private nature reserves, along with boutique hotels and high quality restaurants in beautiful Cape Town. A wonderful nature and lifestyle destination, combining Africa’s wild side with its dynamic urban environment.

Kenya – Classic four wheel drive safaris in the country’s many well-known nature reserves. Visits to Masai villages are also offered.

About Ronit Hershkovitz

Ronit’s connection with Africa began in the early 1990s, when as a promising and well-known businesswoman in the tourism industry she led popular trips to Kenya and to the Seychelles islands. Accepting the invitation of two Tanzanian ministers that she met on one of her trips, Ronit visited the country and immediately fell in love with it.

Soon after, she began organizing trips and charter flights to the island of Zanzibar, playing an important role in the development of the island’s tourism sector. A meeting with the President of Zanzibar paved the way to the renewal of diplomatic relations between the State of Israel and the United Republic of Tanzania. Several years later, Ronit was appointed Honorary Consul of Tanzania to Israel for more than a decade, in recognition of her extensive activities in support of Tanzania and its citizens. She presently serves as the Honorary Consul of Zambia to the State of Israel.

Ronit continues her diplomatic activities and her humanitarian and social efforts alongside her work as CEO of Safari Company and as an expert specializing in customized trips to Africa.

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